Terms of Use

Scope of application

The following terms of use apply to the entire Internet platform, including all functions, offers, other services and any user-generated content.

User Generated Content

It is forbidden to distribute explicit representations of violence and eroticism via this website. The same applies to left- or right-wing extremist propaganda, calls for violence and other contents - in particular also contents relevant under criminal law. We reserve the right to block users, terminal devices or Internet access. In cases relevant under criminal law, we cooperate with the authorities in order to find the perpetrators.

Copyright must always be observed by users. This applies in particular to user-generated content. There is no fair use system based on the American model.

Every user must ensure that all content uploaded by him complies with the relevant rules and laws and observes any rights of third parties. The advertising of commercial content is prohibited, as long as it is a comparable service or offers no added value. We reserve the right to make our own discretionary decisions. The same applies to spam.

There is no liability for data entered by users. In accordance with the Austrian ECG (based on Directive 2009/138/EC), these are only checked if necessary.

Privacy & Cookies

With regard to data protection, the Data Protection Agreement shall apply.

Free and Reduced Products, Price Comparisons

We assume no liability for the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the products shown. We have no legal relationship with the suppliers concerned and do not profit from the following purchases or clicks. No price comparisons are currently taking place.

Liability and external links

We are not liable for material damage caused by slight negligence.

The platform is not liable for any external links, even if they have been checked to the best of our knowledge and belief. In any case, no liability exists for links entered by users. Such links are also only checked for specific occasions (see user-generated content).


A distinction is made between two types of lottery. On the one hand the sweepstakes can be initiated by, on the other hand by a third party.

In the second case: The terms of use of the third party provider must be observed, which are mentioned or linked in the respective sweepstakes.

In the first case: Organizers are the persons listed in the imprint. Participation in sweepstakes is free of charge and independent of the purchase of goods or services. Only one participation per participant is permitted. We reserve the right to exclude users who try to participate several times or actually participate several times. The same applies to users who try to influence the raffle in an unfair manner and to users who violate other terms of use. Data entered will be processed by us in accordance with the Privacy Policy. A cash payout, payout in kind or exchange of winnings is not possible. Winnings with a certain minimum age will only be distributed upon proof of age or parental consent. Prizes are not transferable. The winner accepts any necessary changes to the prize. The winner forfeits his/her prize if (after the end of the competition) he/she does not provide any additional information required to make the prize available within four weeks. Legal recourse is excluded. If winning codes are not redeemable, there is no replacement, provided that the necessary care was taken by Games4Free-io. In case of doubt, the lottery is not related to the producers/publishers/developers of the respective product.

Further terms of use can be found in the respective lottery. Should the terms of use written down or linked there deviate from these terms of use, the explicitly mentioned terms of use shall take precedence.

Term, Termination and Amendment of the Terms of Use

The termination of this agreement is possible by us at any time and immediately. Users are kindly requested to observe the relevant rights as defined in the DSGVO (see Data Protection Agreement) as well as general civil law termination options.

Force Majeure, Failures, Errors and Changes in Offer

With the current state of the art, it is impossible to develop an absolutely secure and error-free platform. We operate our platforms to the best of our knowledge and belief - but cannot guarantee a technically flawless process. Transmission errors, maintenance or force majeure can invalidate the platform or its accessibility. A claim for damages does not arise from this under any circumstances. Maintenance work is possible at any time without prior notice.

The platform will be continuously further developed. Changes may therefore be made to the original scope of services. For legal reasons, some functions may not be available worldwide.

Place of jurisdiction, applicable law, out-of-court settlement of disputes, language and death

Only Austrian substantive law is applicable.

The relevant court in Vienna has exclusive jurisdiction. Since the website operator is not a trader, consumer law only applies to a very limited extent.

The European Commission provides a platform for out-of-court online dispute resolution (OS-Plattform). We are neither willing nor obliged to participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer redress body.

Should there be differences between the individual language versions, the German language shall apply. To read them, please change the language of the website.

With the death of the user all his rights expire, as far as the Austrian right does not provide compellingly different.